My version of ''Today I Learned'' – though it's usually more than a day of work. Topics that interest me include Web Development (front-end, back-end and devops), theoretical CS, software engineering, architecture and data.



  • 5 min read

A quick recap and some "advanced" Java topics.

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How to design a cache

  • 2 min read

I started reading up on caches. This is my general introduction if you ever need to design one (or understand better how it works from within).

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Github API

  • 3 min read

For my personal site I wanted to fetch data from Github API. Some context: the site is built using TravisCI and hosted in Heroku. No backend.

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Travis integration with Github

  • ~1 min read

Travis is a CI/CD tool originally made for open source projects. Now there is also an offering for commercial/private repositories tool, travis-ci.com (versus org). I used Travis for this site (deployed on Github pages) and for my main site (deployed with Heroku).

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DNS primer

  • 3 min read


I recently got started with Github pages as a cheap and easy solution to deploy static pages and wanted to use a custom domain. So I bought a domain from Eurodns and was trying to configure Github pages to play nicely with it. In the process I realised I had forgotten some of the DNS basics - so here they are, maybe they help someone else.

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