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My main motivation with this is learning (for myself). I don't trust my memory much, so even the effort of writing something that makes sense, let along having a central resource you can look back to, helps me internalizing things. If in the process I can help someone else learn too..great! 🙌👏 Most of the posts will therefore feel a little bit "drafty" or maybe even "naive" to some. That's ok. I don't expect people to randomly follow this blog but please do complain on the comments (or maybe open an issue/PR on Github?) and maybe I will take this blog a bit more seriously :) Lastly, this is also an exercise for me to get more into (technical) writing and showcase some of my work.

Positioning: why here?

See here on why I didn't choose Medium (written, well in Medium :P). Besides the arguments there, having the blog served via Github pages means that it "lives closer" to the actual code (not a significant advantage but still).

That said, I will still maintain a Medium publication for non-tech topics. And for technical topics that I don't have yet enough context, less grasp of the matter or not enough time for a post, I maintain some tech notes on Github.